Short Term Programmes

Short-term programmes in Germany


University Winter Courses offered in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates

The DAAD offers students and graduates from South Africa and Zimbabwe a grant for an approximately six-week "German Regional Studies Winter Course" in January/February each year. These grants are awarded to enable students to attend German language and area studies courses that are offered by state or state-recognized German higher education institutions and by affiliated language schools. The courses last up to six weeks and are offered in the months of January and February.

Application deadline: 31 August each year.

Scholarships for Artists and Architects

These scholarships aim to provide applicants from the field of Fine Art, Design, Film, Music, Architecture and Performing Arts with an opportunity to complete a course of extension studies, without gaining a formal degree or qualification, or to complete a postgraduate or Master’s degree course at a German state or state-recognized higher education institution. Applicants must have completed their studies in their home country – as far as possible – with a corresponding final degree. If the degree cannot be gained in the home country, their education and training opportunities in the home country must have been exhausted.  

Application deadline: 15 October each year.

Research Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists

Research grants provide young foreign academics and scientists with an opportunity to carry out a research project or a course of continuing education and training at a German state or state-recognized higher education institution or non-university research institute. Research grants can be used to carry out:

  • research projects at a German higher education institution for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in the home country
  • research projects at a German university for the purpose of gaining a doctorate in Germany
  • research projects or continuing education and training, but without aiming for a formal degree/qualification

Grants can generally be paid for one to ten months; up to three years in the case of full doctoral programmes in Germany; and up to a maximum of four years in some cases. Applications for DAAD research grants are open to excellently-qualified university graduates who hold a Master's degree or the equivalent at the time they commence the grant-supported research.

Besides previous study achievements, the most important selection criterion is convincing and well-planned research or a continuing education and training project, to be completed during the stay in Germany which has been coordinated and agreed with an academic supervisor at the chosen German host institute.

Application deadline: 15 October each year.