Welcome To Germany


Welcome To Germany

Welcome to Germany

Germany lies in the centre of Europe and has the largest population in the European Union.  The largest German cities are Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Metropolitan cities are not the only places worth visiting though. Regardless of size, university towns throughout Germany possess a rich history which is often reflected in their architecture. The landscapes of Germany are diverse and beautiful. On the North and Baltic Seas there are island chains with long sand dune beaches; in the low mountains of central Germany medieval castles are situated along forested valleys; in the south, the Alps and their sparkling lakes rise above the lowlands.

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There are many sides to cultural life in Germany: from North to South there are around 300 theaters and 130 professional orchestras. The museum world is of unparalleled quality, featuring 630 art museums with diverse internationally renowned collections. Young German painting is equally vibrant, and is long since part of the international scene. Germany is also one of the major book nations with around 94,000 new books and re-editions each year. The 350 dailies and thousands of magazines go to show how lively the German media is. Moreover, German films are a great success at home and abroad.

Modern Life

Great cuisine and fine wines, relaxing in Mother Nature, festivals and celebrations, vacation, design and fashion, inspiring architecture - Germany has plenty to offer, and is far removed from all the clichés that might still abound about lederhosen and sauerkraut. But the numerous visitors from abroad, who are increasingly discovering that Germany is an interesting vacation destination, already know this – not just because of the wealth of German cultural and historical sights, but also because of the wide-ranging regional cuisine and the changing landscapes. In fact, although the Germans are the undisputed world champions when it comes to foreign travel, they still prefer to holiday between the North Sea and the Alps.

More information: www.tatsachen-ueber-deutschland.de/en    

welcome to germanywelcome to germany