Alumni Programmes

Re-Invitations for Former Postgraduate Course Scholarship Holders

The DAAD can invite former foreign scholarship holders of the postgraduate courses (who after the end of the funding period have been employed in their home countries again for at least three years) for a study visit in Germany for up to three months. Unfortunately, there are such a large number of requests that not all of the applications can be accommodated.

Kindly note that the DAAD must receive your application documents by post at the latest 3 months before the beginning of your planned re-invitation to guarantee the processing of your application in time.

Specialist Literature Programme

Former one-year scholarship holders of all disciplines (as well as former German studies scholarship holders who received support for at least 5 months) from developing countries can apply once a year for specialist literature (books, journals, articles) produced by German publishers to help them advance their academic knowledge and qualifications (max. value of 200 euros per year).

Small Equipment Programme

One-year scholarship holders from developing countries, especially those from the fields of engineering, technology and science and from the agricultural and forestry sciences, who received DAAD support for a period of 10 or more months can apply for a grant towards the purchase of small equipment and materials. The application deadline ends 8 weeks before the scholarship period is completed. Applications can be made for the purchase of small equipment and material of direct relevance to projects carried out at the German university. Purchase of the following is absolutely excluded from this programme: Video, photo and office equipment (eg, photocopiers and computers, including software and accessories).\

Material Resources Programme

With the Material Resources Programme, you will have the opportunity to obtain equipment and consumables in your home country under strictly defined conditions. With new equipment, you will be able to continue the research work in your institution of the respective developing country, which you started in Germany. This will in turn allow you to provide important impulses in the collaboration with German institutions of higher education. Only scientists from foreign higher education institutions, who have completed part of the study and/or research work in Germany, can submit applications for the funding of scientific equipment and consumables. Applications must relate to a concrete teaching or research project.